Brother Williams

October 3, 2013

  • 70 minutes a day people are consuming news.
  • 80% of the links are to the U.S. Legacy Media.
  • Create a brand by identifying yourself, start a blog about something others and myself are interested in, build a network, have a resume and experience.
  • Skills are always valuable.
  • Those who are successful do more than write well.

I-COMM Introduction

On September 26 Brother Thompson came and spoke to us about Journalism. With an emphasis in Journalism some of the responsibilities you may have will include a bit of editing, producing, writing, advertising, and designing.

Brother Thompson recommended that we join the Scroll because it will improve our writing skills and give us experience.

Class Write Up (9/19/2013)

In class we discussed the importance of setting up secure connects and being socially involved. We also went over the syllabus which include: getting grad plan advising, meeting with our faculty mentor, attending at least one seminar, creating an online portfolio, making a four-year academic plan, writing a resume, and having a few people write a letter of recommendation.