Letter of Recommendation

November 20, 2013

It is with pleasure that I recommend Analee Bekmezian. I got to know Analee Bekmezian quite well while working with her in various church activities, in her calling as Laurel President, as well as having her in my home.


Analee is a young woman with high moral and ethical standards and is always there to extend a hand of welcome and friendship to those she meets. She is also one to assist those in need without being asked and always willing to lend a helping hand.


I had the opportunity of working with Analee for about a year as she served as Laurel president in our Laurel class. Analee has displayed great leadership attributes during that time. She is punctual, responsible, organized, level-headed, talented, willing, Christ-like and a great listener. You could always count on her to fulfill any assignment given to her and kindly and respectfully lead the group of Young Women she had stewardship over.


Analee has completed the Young Women Personal Progress requirements two separate times, earning her two Young Womanhood Medallions. She has also assisted other Young Women with their Personal Progress requirements earning her Honor Bee as well. She is always willing to serve another and go above and beyond what is asked of her in any circumstance.


One of Analee’s other remarkable character traits is her love and talent for music. Analee is a talented pianist and has a remarkable ear for music. We were blessed by her talent on many occasions as she beautifully and gladly accompanied numerous musical numbers.


Analee has a solid testimony of the Gospel and lives her life in accordance with its teachings. Analee is firm in what she believes and does not waiver. She knows and studies the gospel faithfully making her extremely knowledgeable and educated.


Analee is a fabulous young woman whom I have a great deal of love and admiration for and I would highly recommend her as an employee or work partner.


Respectfully yours,

Erin Winzeler

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