College Summit

Making Your Career by Chad Phares

Chad Phares gave twenty-one tips that will help us be on the verge of our next promotion. First: Don’t wait for direction. We must always be looking for opportunities. We cannot expect for an opportunity to arise if we are not already searching and putting ourselves out there.

Second: Teach yourself technologies. Brother Phares tells us to make ourselves marketable, promotable, and employable. We must know how to use technology effectively considering we are in “the electronic age.”

Third: Stay curious. On average, kids ask 76 questions per hour. Like kids, we should be continually asking questions and learning from others we work with or who are over us.

Fourth: Pounce on opportunities. Be on awares for any anticipated needs, and look to find a way to take care of the issue.

Fifth: Accomplish goals. If you speak your goals and share them with someone. . .you will be much more likely to accomplish that or those goals.

Sixth: Use social media like a pro. Learn how to use different social channels.

Seventh: Use social media as an adult.  He advised us to make sure our Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, or other forms of media are a good representation of us. When a hiring manager is looking to hire you, he will look  you up. What do you want his or her impression of you to be?

Eighth: Stop looking for balance. Nothing is ever going to run smoothly and you will never have a perfectly balanced life. Focus on what is really important.

Ninth: Make yourself stand out. Find a skill or talent which you possess which is rare or uncommon.

Tenth: Give solutions – not problems. Come up with answers and other ways to fix problems if the given solution won’t work.

Eleventh: Be pithy. Keep your Facebook updates less than three lines of text. People aren’t willing to read much more than that. Also, include pictures. It draws audience in. We must also learn how to communicate clearly and concisely.

Twelfth: Be data-driven.

Thirteenth: Own your mistakes. We must take responsibility for our  mistakes and not try to place the cause onto a co-worker or some other force.

Fourteenth:  Know your audience. The content of what you speak, write, present, etc. should be centered on what the audience wants to hear.

Fifteenth: Understand content marketing. Sixteenth: Be an early adopter. Seventeenth: Develop digital eco-system.

Eighteenth: Communicate to others’ preferences. There are four different kinds of learner/thinkers. There are the logical learners,  the organized learners, the visual learners, and the emotional learners. Do your best to present the material in a way that the audience will benefit.

Nineteenth: Fail. Don’t be afraid to fail. Some say there’s one road to success and fortune, and another to failure and poverty. In reality, they are one road. You need to experience failure to be able to truly succeed. Failure will happen and will lead to success.

Twentieth: Make right career choices. Ask yourself the following questions, “Do I like it?” “Am I good at it?” “Does the world need it?”

Twenty-first: Remember the why. Always keep the big picture in mind. Why are you going to school? Why do you want to succeed in your field or career choice? Doing so will help you stay focused.

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