Shane Cole

November 21, 2013

  • Ethics is driven by values.
  • A wordsmith is a skilled user of words.

Qualities of a Wordsmith

  • Accuracy
  • Honesty
  • The Value of the Written Word

The Value of the Written Word

  • In the 15th Century only wealthy people owned books because the poor couldn’t afford such purchases.
  • 1716 a word for using another’s words as one’s own was title “plagiarism.”


  • An original work of authorship and a work  in a fixed tangible form can by copyrighted.
  • A copyright license lasts the life of the author plus 70 years.
  • Consumers get exclusive rights, not total rights.
  1. Fair use.
  2. Amount used
  3. Nature (factual verses creative)
  4. Effect on Market


Sheila Wener

November 14, 2013

School Credit for Internships

  • Helps you learn your emphasis.
  • Be aware of requirements and paperwork.
  • It is also a class. It has University deadlines.
  • There are academic requirements.
  • Counts as a semester.

Public Relations

Ward Hicks

October 29, 2013

Public Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion through sound, character, and proper performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.

#1 Skill of a P.R.

  • Writing
  • We are responsible for getting information out.
  • Be comfortable with meeting and greeting people.

Video Production and Journalism

Brian Howard  and Ron Weekes

Video Production Jobs:

  • P.R. Firms
  • Broadcast stations
  • Ad agencies
  • Independent Freelancers
  • Independent Video Production
  • Web video/web-casting/pod-casting

Broadcast Journalism Jobs:

  • News Director/Producer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Reporter
  • Anchor
  • Videographer
  • Writer
  • Backpack Journalism


  • Your first job usually comes through internships.
  • Have more experience.
  • Assignments become part of portfolio.